A downloadable game

(This early version of the game is no longer available for download)

The full release can now be found on Steam HERE

Game Overview:

Poor Bob.

No sooner has he finished his basic training than his A.I. companion detects a Replicon mothership jump signature. This is not the best of news considering all Replicons seemingly have one thing in common: kill all humans!

Confused and lacking vital resources, you must help Bob explore local planets, salvage materials, craft upgrades, and collect enough fuel to reach the jump gate before the Replicons swarm all over him.

Good luck, Bob.

Alpha Preview Version

This is a vertical slice alpha preview version of the game from early development (May 2017). It contains a rough first act of the story and is fully playable from start-to-finish but as a 'vertical slice' it only offers a small example of the full game in an early  stage of development.

Bob's world has expanded dramatically since this version, and problems and issues that you may encounter in this version have already been resolved, tweaked, re-balanced or improved for the full game. 

This early version of the game was originally posted here on itch.io to determine player interest. It was a huge success but after 13 free updates development returned to closed testing while working towards the full release.

Recommended System Specs:

Potato with an Xbox Controller. Seriously :D

Integrated graphics on most reasonably modern CPUs should handle it just fine.

Mouse and keyboard controls work great but we recommend a controller if you have one.

Currently for Windows Only (Linux & Mac for final release)

Development log